CGT(China) Excellent Partner Support Activities
CUMMINS Technologies Generator (CGT) is the world leader manufacturer in the field of alternator industry, with the main brands of STAMFORD and AVK. Its production, sales and service network has extended all over the world, with 8 subsidiaries (factories) in the world. The annual production capacity is more than 170,000 sets, with about 4000 employees around the world.

CGT (China) was established in February,1996,which is the best partner of Wuxi Baifa Power LTD(Baifa). The two parties have continued the cooperation for 18 years. CGT and Baifa are all located in Wuxi High-Tech. Industrial Dev. Zone.
On September 12, 2014, as the excellent partner, the main functional departments of Baifa were invited to visit CGT (China). CGT implemented excellent partner support activities with the "safe, reliable, rapid response and concern" behavior standards. It creates the culture atmosphere based on customers, to prove that Cummins is more concerned about the success of the partners than other companies. The CGT China factory tour is also included. CGT introduced their quality system, application service and excellent production, arranged the corresponding functions of various communication and interactive questions and answers session. Baifa delegates made good interaction with the delegates of functional departments of CGT about the design and application of products, quality control, testing, quick delivery of special customer order and quick response.
Soh Leng Leng, the general manager of CGT expresses the thanks for BAIFA team’s visit: "Thanks for Baifa enthusiasm to participate in the excellent partner support activities of Cummins generators, through such activities, we hope to let our partner more familiar with Cummins generators, and strive to truly understand customers’ needs and problems during the business with us. Through the four principles which include safe, reliable, rapid response and concern of excellent partner support, let us to understand more in the perspective of our partners’ side, consider the partners’ success, pass to the end user and finally make benefit to the them.

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