8MW Black start power generating project in Indonesia
Indonesia is known as the kingdom of Thousand Islands, tens of thousands of islands make this place bright and beautiful!

However, supply electric power to those islands is always a tough problem to the country. In 2012, the Indonesian government investing a power plant in Balikbapan island, the plant host is 2 X 15 mw gas turbine, the owner finally pick Baifa power from the generating set manufacturers in bidding to supply comprehensive solution to the black start (security) power supply system.
The black start unit capacity is 8 mw, is made up of 4 units of 2000 kw automatically start, automatically parallel operation of high voltage of 10.5 KV diesel generating sets.

Baifa chose Germany MTU engine, this engine owns the world's most advanced fuel common rail with the electronic injection system, in terms of reliability, fuel economy and low emission has incomparable advantage around the world.
To ensure the smooth delivery of the project safety and operations, in July 2013, the Baifa sent several senior engineers to the site of the project to participate in installation and debugging, now the unit running very smoothly, the customer inspecting the black start system installation, product sophistication, reliability, and spirit of ourprofessional engineers. They give a high degree of evaluation from the start to the end.

This project further proves ourselves as an more advanced, more reliable and more environmental generator sets manufacture, with expertise knowledge, we dedicated ourselves to provide comprehensive solutions to all kinds of power generation projects.

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